Having tooth pain is no fun any time of the year, especially in winter with all of the parties and delicious foods. You don’t have to miss out on some delectable dishes, though! Here are a few simple recipes you can make this winter to ensure you’re getting a healthy meal that tastes delicious even if you’re in the process of getting implants or just have a sore tooth.


Carrot Soufflé


When most people hear the word soufflé, they become extremely intimidated. Although some soufflés are difficult to make, this easy carrot soufflé is great for beginner bakers. It only has eleven ingredients, and it’s sure to add some color to your table, which is great for when family comes in from out of town. Because the carrots are mashed and pureed, you can eat this side with ease.


Italian Vegetable Stew

Put a spin on an old favorite with this Italian vegetable stew recipe. This stew has a variety of vegetables, ranging from green beans to eggplant. A stew is perfect for winter because of its hearty texture, and there’s even better news: the longer you let this stew sit, the more flavor it will have. You can make it up to a week ahead of time. Just cover it once it’s cooled!


Mashed Sweet Potatoes


If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to completely derail your healthy eating habits with cookies and candy, try making these delicious mashed sweet potatoes. Sweetened with maple syrup, this recipe will be easy on your mouth but allow you to indulge. The great thing is it’s delicious but only requires four ingredients.


Amazing Turkey Meatloaf


With sore teeth and gums, it can be difficult to eat any type of meat because of the difficulty in chewing. You can still have an amazing main course with this turkey meatloaf recipe. This meatloaf combines turkey and stuffing to create a tender and dense main course while still being easy on your teeth and gums. Vary the spices to your taste for a perfect meal.


Easy Oven Frittata


Harness the power of breakfast any time of day with this scrumptious rosemary-potato frittata from Rachel Ray. A frittata is an Italian dish that is similar to a quiche without crust, which will save you some calories from not having as many carbs. The great news is frittatas are an easy eat because of their texture. You can easily serve this for breakfast and brunch or even dinner. Add various ingredients for a different flair!



If you just have a simple aching tooth, it’s nothing to worry about, but if the pain becomes constant, be sure to seek help and contact a reputable dentist as soon as possible. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile or are having pain, take advantage of Dr. Anglis’ FREE examination, detailed treatment planning and imaging!

In the meantime, enjoy trying some new recipes and experimenting with what you can make right in the comfort of your own kitchen!