As we continue to focus on your healthy, new smile, it’s essential that we communicate an important update to you and those you love! 

After this pandemic reared its ugly head, some of you were still concerned about having dental treatment performed even after we were fully operational with all of  our protection-enhanced protocols in place. 

While there is a time for caution, we have worked hard to answer any and all questions about safety and protection here, and we believe that this is one of

the safest dental offices you could visit. 

We had such stringent practices in place in the past, and now they are all amplified in all we do for you! 

Delaying your necessary treatment—especiallydental hygiene continuing care appointments will put you at risk for more severe symptoms should you be infected with the Covid-19 virus.  When you have active periodontal (gum) disease, those toxins can promote superinfections in the lungs since they are aspirated into your respiratory regions.  Once infected by this bacteria, inflammation occurs throughout your lungs and puts you at greater risk for more severe symptoms. 

Clearly, it is more dangerous to your health to put off treatment which can prevent severe superinfections which can occur as a result of this virus.   

As you know, we have always emphasized care that will prevent problems. 


Now—-more than ever—–we want to do everything in our power to help keep you and those you love safe!


While it’s on your mind, please call us at 1-877-526-4547and one of our friendly concierge members will schedule

you for this most important therapy!

2020:  Our Clear Focus On Your Healthy, New Smile!

 This year has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, and yet, we are confident that everything will smooth out, and we will move forward with new Blessings!   

We have not allowed ourselves to be distracted by the misinformation, confusion and chaos all around us. We know that these unchartered waters require intentional and specific navigation, and that’s where we come in! 

Our clear focus is on your healthy, new smile as we have embraced protection-enhanced strategies that perfectly align themselves to our mission of serving you! 

Inside our tropical “bubble”, everything is going swimmingly! Our newest strategies to keep you safe, healthy, and protected are working well!  As captain of our ship, Dr. Anglis has worked tirelessly to create an oasis here for you and those you love! 

We have been greatly Blessed during this time in our lives with the very best patients who support our safety strategies and are focused on getting well and building their immunities!  If you are ready to join our family of patients, now is the best time to do it! 

You can finally get rid of those dental problems that have been nagging at you and dragging down your overall health and stamina!  In over forty years of practice, we have seen absolutely everything, and we can help you put an end to all those challenges!

You may just be venturing out to our tropical dental resorts after taking all of the steps to keep you and your dear ones healthy…..and we are thrilled to welcome you! 

We will work hard to make your visit the best it can be! 

If you have been “sheltering in place” for the past few months, so much has been happening inside your mouth, and we would like to invite you here to correct any problems that have been disrupting your good health.  Of course, any dental issues cause problems inside your entire body, and ignite new difficulties for you. 

We assure that we have never seen a dental problem go away on its own — ever!  When it comes back, it comes back with a vengeance!  And it always causes significant harm to the rest of your body, too! 

Our goal is to enhance your overall health as we work to create a Masterpiece Smile to make you proud and


Once you arrive in our resorts, you will understand the reasons that our patients love to see us! 

Our summer months were very exciting for us, and we are looking forward to an amazing September! 

We are so happy to see all of you again!

Rest assured, we are all certified healthy and fever-free.  Our additional gear makes us look like astronauts, but we are smiling at you under our masks!  Once inside our resorts, you will have your temperature taken, and you will be armed with a mask and gloves.  Each suite features an ionic air purifying unit and plasma filtration for a relaxing atmosphere.

Join us here for some comfort and pampering in our luxurious, private treatment suites, and see the difference for yourself!

There is nothing more important to us than your health and well-being, so we are doing our best to keep you safe and protected!

For a private, secluded visit to our Tropical Dental Resort featuring your customized seminar and expert treatment planning session, please call us at 1-877-526-4547 and our concierge team will take great care of you! 

If you prefer, we are offering a virtual Dental Implant Seminar  for you to enjoy on the first page of this website.  Simply click the button ” View Seminar Video Here” and enjoy a private screening at home!  Next, contact Dr. Anglis by e-mail at to continue the discussion OR call our friendly team at 1-877-526-4547 to schedule with us today!

In this year of 2020, make the decision to be at your best!!!

2020:  Our Clear Vision For Your New Smile!!!

Once you make the choice to look younger, feel better, and live longer, we are honored to serve you!  When my team and I first meet you, we can already see your future smile!  I know what your new teeth will look like, and I know how much healthier your smile will be once we work together to create your Masterpiece Smile!

Nothing else matters except what you need, want, and deserve right now!

This is YOUR year!

We can’t wait to get started! 

In our tropical dental resorts, we believe that you deserve only the best!  The best care delivered by the most caring and compassionate team who will create an experience that flows seamlessly as we take your smile from ordinary to exceptional!

 When you have made dental decisions in the past, you could only do that based on the information you were given.  If you received incorrect information, that could have lead you to a decision you may be regretting right now.  Whether you took no action, and your problems have gotten worse or whether the implants placed were not what you expected, and you are interested in moving to the highest quality of treatment, we are here to help you! 

In the realm of implant dentistry, there are many pieces of information that are incorrect and untrue that circulate among patients.  For instance, there are a number of offices which advertise “all-on-four” treatment, but do not actually deliver the one, true All-On-Four treatment created by Nobel Biocare.

 Not all implants are created equal.

Not all dentists who place dental implants are created equal, either.

 My team and I believe that Nobel Biocare is the best system, and that it provides the very best All-On-Four treatment!  It is the only system we use to replace full arches of teeth, and I have been honored to receive the prestigious Diamond Partner Award for the fifth year in a row!

 People like you, who are reviewing this website, and are interested in improving your smile, increasing your health, and sustaining your longevity have many options.

 Please be sure to choose someone you trust!


 My team and I realize that there are many choices for dental implant care available to you.

 I believe it is essential that you absolutely trust the person you select to create your

Masterpiece Smile.

 There are also many choices in dental professionals who may offer this treatment to you. 

While I cannot speak to anyone else’s experience, integrity, ethical choices, skills, expertise,

or success rates, I can share more about what you can expect in choosing me and my team. 

You can be confident in that choice since you will be treated to a new level of customer

service and experience!  We respect and honor you as you become a member of our family

of delighted patients!

 Within our tropical dental resorts, I will assure you of these facts:

 First, I have successfully placed nearly 10,000 dental implants in every situation for every type of need which has been customized and individualized each time!

 Second, I have provided the Magnificent All-On-Four dental implant arch replacement system to hundreds of my family of patients!

Third, I have completely immersed myself in the finest continuing education and advanced training in the world—totaling over 3000 hours of continuing education!

Fourth, I provide all of the services needed under one beautiful, relaxing, tropical roof!

There is no need to travel from office to office for your dental care!

Fifth, my colleagues from fifty dental offices send their patients to me for dental implant services because they know how well I will take care of them each time!

Sixth, over fifty dentists and their family members have come to me for their dental implant treatment.

Since they can choose anyone at all, they clearly trust me!

Seventh, my team and I offer the best after-care and maintenance treatments for dental implant patients. We believe that your investment deserves the highest success rate, and we will support you with the latest information, technology, and equipment!

Eighth, I stand behind my work, and promise you that I will do everything possible to provide you with the most beautiful and fully functional smile!  You will always see the same doctor and the same team each time you visit!


These eight columns create trust with our family of patients as they establish the strength of our dedication and service to you! 

These columns of commitment combined with our comfort strategies will provide you with life-changing and, often times, life-saving results! 

You are in charge of what happens, and your comfort will direct the treatment— I will be certain that you are ready for each step of care! 

You may have hesitated in the past, but it’s your time now!  If not now, then when????? 

Please call 1-877-526-4547 today, and one of our friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you! Whether this is our first consultation visit or one of many, we are here for you, and want you to be healthier and happier and younger as quickly as possible! 

Dedicated To Your Beautiful Smile! 

Dr. Leonard F. Anglis and Team 

P.S. And, if you have made a dental decision that you regret, call us right away so that we can correct it by serving you with the best treatment available!  

We believe that you deserve only the best! 


Dental Implant Seminar

While daily activities have slowed down temporarily,

your dental problems have not slowed down at all!

As a matter of fact, they have worsened since dental

problems never get better on their own!


When we are stressed out, and our immunities are weakened,

our dental problems worsen….and, now—more than ever—

we understand how important our dental health is to the rest

of our body!


First and foremost, we want you to stay safe during this current

virus situation, and since we are not able to personally host our

live seminars as scheduled, we have created a digital seminar

for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home!


So, sit back, relax, and discover the Transformative Power

of Dental Implants!!!








Now, let’s continue the discussion at or


Dr. Anglis will be available to answer your

questions about the benefits of dental implants

online at or

What Lurks Beneath Your Mask?

When we choose to stay safe during this challenging time, we all wear masks in public areas.  For those of us who have never worn masks, it’s really been something to get used to doing each time we go out of our homes!

Since we are breathing in and out within a small area, we have become quite aware of our breaths and their various odors.  There is even a commercial for mints to “cure” the problem of Mask Breath!

But, the truth is that mints, lozenges, gum, and even mouthwash only cover odors temporarily without solving any problems.  They may even give you a false sense of security about your mouth’s health.

If you are experiencing any type of “bad breath” under your masks—that is a telltale sign of a significant problem.  It may be inflammation, decay, or periodontal disease which infects your gum tissues.  These are problems that can only be solved within our dental practice, and we are experts on treating every type of condition!

If you are experiencing any type of “Mask Breath”, please schedule an appointment with us right away so that we can solve your problems and keep you healthy!  We are ready to serve you at 1-877-526-4547!


Frequently Asked Questions of 2020

Is it safe for me to come into your dental office?  Absolutely!  We have added many protection-enhanced protocols to our already established safety routines, and are proud to share our strategies with you!

What will happen once I come inside your office?  First, we will take your temperature to be sure you are not feverish, and we will record it for you. Second, we will provide you with a mask (if you do not have one) and gloves for your protection.  You will then complete a short form regarding your health.  We have strategic seating planned for social distancing, and may seat you in another room for your safety.  Once inside your treatment room, you will be able to view our newest safety measures to protect the environment inside our private suites.  Finally, you will rinse with an antibacterial, anti-viral rinse prior to your care. 

Is it a good time for me to visit you now?  It’s actually the best time for a visit since it’s time to build your immunity through our specialized dental care treatments and therapies!

What if I need to have a tooth removed—should I do that now?  Yes, it’s far more dangerous to leave infected or abscessed teeth inside your mouth which will spread disease and inflammation throughout your entire body.

Should I have my dental implants placed now?  Yes, we have taken all steps to be certain that you are safe and protected while you are here in our tropical dental resorts.  Once the implants are placed, your bone level has time to accept them and strongly grow around them so that the support inside your mouth is improved and enhanced!

2020: Our Clear Vision For Your New Smile!!!

Once you make the choice to look younger, feel better, and live longer, we are

honored to serve you!  When my team and I first meet you, we can already see your

future smile!  I know what your new teeth will look like, and I know how much

healthier your smile will be once we work together to create your Masterpiece



What is all this talk about dental implants? Are they something new? Are they right for you? Today – we hear more and more about this exciting technology as tremendous success with these techniques has been sweeping our nation!

Read Our Dental Implant Seminar Flyer

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Does Dr. Anglis provide other dental care besides implants?

YES! He provides patients with state-of-the-art restorative dentistry including crowns and bridgework to renew and restore their mouths.

Does Dr. Anglis do cosmetic dentistry?

YES! He has been providing all types of cosmetic dentistry to his patients for over thirty-two years now! Our practice offers laminate veneers, bonding, ZOOM bleaching, and traditional bleaching. We will find the perfect combination for you!

Does Dr. Anglis provide family dentistry?

YES! Our family practice provides the complete range of services for you and every member of your household! Everything from continuing care (cleaning) appointments and fluoride treatments to dentures!

Does Dr. Anglis take care of denture patients?

YES! He works to ensure that our denture patients are as comfortable as possible! Of course, the dentures are most successful and functional when they are permanently attached with dental implants!

Dr. Anglis was just presented with this prestigious award! We thank all of our treasured patients who make all of our successes possible each day!
Diamond Award Presented to Implant Dentist Dr. Leonard Anglis
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Two short weeks ago, I was invited to Dr. Leonard F. Anglis’ office to witness he and his staff perform a very complicated procedure. Dr. Anglis and I graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry just one year apart. I went on to specialize in periodontics, and he became a family practitioner of dentistry. We both got involved in placing implants some years ago. Len really invested a great deal of time learning advanced concepts of implantology, namely the All-On-Four procedure. It is a procedure that takes a great deal of talent and a great staff to be able to do it correctly. When I went to his office, I was a little bit skeptical because of the complexity of this procedure. I have not been surprised many times in my life, but this was one of those times. Dr. Leonard Anglis far exceeded my expectations and was flawless in his preparation for the procedure and in his carrying out the procedure, and his staff was incredible. The whole office functions as a family unit and patients are treated like kings and queens.The procedure was a double All-On-Four treatment, meaning that Dr. Anglis replaced the teeth on the maxilla (upper jaw0 and the mandible (lower jaw). I highly recommend Dr. Leonard Anglis to anyone in his vicinity who needs to have this procedure.
Edward Cole, DDS

Southern Arizona Periodontics, PLC

Dr. Leonard Anglis has to be one of the most highly trained and committed dentists I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is eminently qualified to restore your smile and bite to its highest potential.
Dr. Mark Nelson

(Rosemount, MN)

Dr. Anglis has committed his practice to restoring the dental wellness, appearance, and comfort of his patients.
Dr. Andrew Howard

(Loveland, CO)

Dr. Anglis welcomes the most challenging of dental patients. His expertise and services are sought by many of his dental colleagues, yet his patients’ needs are his utmost priority.
Dr. Debra Walsh

(Salisbury, MD)

If I required complex care in cosmetics, implants, or sedation dentistry, Dr. Leonard Anglis is the dentist that I would see if I was anywhere in the Indian a area. His advanced education and skills are internationally at the highest level in the profession.
Dr. Charles Martin

(Richmond, VA)

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