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This promotion has really resonated with our readers and family of patients since they all want to get healthier and stay healthy through the choice of fine dentistry delivered by us, so it’s essential for us to emphasize the importance of not waiting to have your treatment done!

We believe that every smile should be a masterpiece that frames your face perfectly! Your teeth should be restored or replaced to their natural, artistic beauty supported by healthy, beautiful tissues and structure!

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What is all this talk about dental implants? Are they something new? Are they right for you? Today – we hear more and more about this exciting technology as tremendous success with these techniques has been sweeping our nation!

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 On October 8th and November 12th, in Crown Point at 6:00 p.m.

 On October 9th and November 13th, in Michigan City at 12:00 Noon.

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What Happens at Our Dental Implant Seminars? Should You Go? Absolutely!

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Does Dr. Anglis provide other dental care besides implants?

YES! He provides patients with state-of-the-art restorative dentistry including crowns and bridgework to renew and restore their mouths.

Does Dr. Anglis do cosmetic dentistry?

YES! He has been providing all types of cosmetic dentistry to his patients for over thirty-two years now! Our practice offers laminate veneers, bonding, ZOOM bleaching, and traditional bleaching. We will find the perfect combination for you!

Does Dr. Anglis provide family dentistry?

YES! Our family practice provides the complete range of services for you and every member of your household! Everything from continuing care (cleaning) appointments and fluoride treatments to dentures!

Does Dr. Anglis take care of denture patients?

YES! He works to ensure that our denture patients are as comfortable as possible! Of course, the dentures are most successful and functional when they are permanently attached with dental implants!

Dr. Anglis was just presented with this prestigious award! We thank all of our treasured patients who make all of our successes possible each day!
Diamond Award Presented to Implant Dentist Dr. Leonard Anglis
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Implant Dentist Crown Point IN
Best Dentist Michigan City IN
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Two short weeks ago, I was invited to Dr. Leonard F. Anglis’ office to witness he and his staff perform a very complicated procedure. Dr. Anglis and I graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry just one year apart. I went on to specialize in periodontics, and he became a family practitioner of dentistry. We both got involved in placing implants some years ago. Len really invested a great deal of time learning advanced concepts of implantology, namely the All-On-Four procedure. It is a procedure that takes a great deal of talent and a great staff to be able to do it correctly. When I went to his office, I was a little bit skeptical because of the complexity of this procedure. I have not been surprised many times in my life, but this was one of those times. Dr. Leonard Anglis far exceeded my expectations and was flawless in his preparation for the procedure and in his carrying out the procedure, and his staff was incredible. The whole office functions as a family unit and patients are treated like kings and queens.The procedure was a double All-On-Four treatment, meaning that Dr. Anglis replaced the teeth on the maxilla (upper jaw0 and the mandible (lower jaw). I highly recommend Dr. Leonard Anglis to anyone in his vicinity who needs to have this procedure.
Edward Cole, DDS

Southern Arizona Periodontics, PLC

Dr. Leonard Anglis has to be one of the most highly trained and committed dentists I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is eminently qualified to restore your smile and bite to its highest potential.
Dr. Mark Nelson

(Rosemount, MN)

Dr. Anglis has committed his practice to restoring the dental wellness, appearance, and comfort of his patients.
Dr. Andrew Howard

(Loveland, CO)

Dr. Anglis welcomes the most challenging of dental patients. His expertise and services are sought by many of his dental colleagues, yet his patients’ needs are his utmost priority.
Dr. Debra Walsh

(Salisbury, MD)

If I required complex care in cosmetics, implants, or sedation dentistry, Dr. Leonard Anglis is the dentist that I would see if I was anywhere in the Indian a area. His advanced education and skills are internationally at the highest level in the profession.
Dr. Charles Martin

(Richmond, VA)

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Board Certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry

Board Certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry