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What is all this talk about dental implants? Are they something new? Are they right for you? The current form of dental implant treatment was re-introduced to the American public in the middle of the 1980’s. Since the ideas and techniques were so “new”, not much was heard about it, and it was not recommended as often as it should have been. Today – we hear more and more about this exciting technology as tremendous success with these techniques has been sweeping our nation!

When a tooth is lost, the bone that once held the tooth in place is lost, too. Not only does this situation create a defect in the mouth, but it also creates a defect in facial appearance since the structure that supported the face is now gone. We have all seen friends and family members who have lost their teeth and the dramatic aging process that their faces experience almost overnight. Nothing ages us more than losing our teeth prematurely – Believe it!

A dental implant is a metal replacement of the lost root which is made of titanium. If this replacement is placed soon enough, it will act like the natural tooth root and retain the bone in the area and stop the natural aging process which is caused by tooth loss. With the implant in place, the missing crown which has now been artistically created, can be attached to it to replicate the chewing efficiency which was lost initially. Natural teeth can impart hundreds of pounds of chewing force while false teeth can only impart tens of pounds of pressure. Here is the question: Do you want to chew your food efficiently or not?

Remember that the longer you wait after a tooth is removed to replace it, the more bone will be subtracted from your face. If you were not aware of this technology or you had to put it off for one reason or another, the good news is that the lost bone can now be regained! We have refined techniques in which we are able to “trick” the body into growing new bone. This new bone not only allows you to regain your chewing efficiency, but it also allows us to enhance your youthful appearance. Without a doubt, dental implants provide the extreme makeover for our patients!

There is hardly a time when we cannot provide our patients with dental implants. There may be more steps, but it is still possible. Have you had dentures for a while now and have you become uncomfortable with them? We have specific techniques for patients like you to give you back the chewing ability and youthful appearance you desire. Do you have an upper denture that does not allow for the proper tasting of your food? Dental implants can solve that problem, too! Are you constantly going to the dentist to adjust your dentures because you constantly have sore spots? We have the solution to your problem! Does your denture fail to support your teeth in the proper position giving you that “sunken in” appearance? Dental implants allow the teeth to be in the proper position at all times!

Have you ever been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants? Very few people are not candidates for dental implants. New techniques have been introduced recently that allow people who would have suffered in the past to now thrive in the future!

Early in Dr. Anglis’ dental career, he was part of a team who helped treat a man who had a cancer in his jaw. A third of the man’s jaw was entirely removed, and that same day, Dr. Anglis helped construct a new jaw from extra bone which was located in the patient’s skeleton. After the “new jaw” healed, Dr. Anglis was able to place dental implants into this new part of the jaw and replace the teeth lost due to the cancer removal. Many of the techniques which were utilized by Dr. Anglis in this reconstruction were so new and ground-breaking, that Dr. Anglis’ procedures were published in a dental journal describing these techniques so others could learn from them. What great news! Here is an example of a patient who had no jaw bone whose life was made normal again by the use of dental implants! Certainly, your condition is not that severe, is it?

Many people claim to be experts in the field of dental implant treatment. Dr. Anglis began his work in Implant Dentistry very early in his career in the 1980’s. It was quite apparent to him that this would become the premier way to treat patients with missing teeth. Dr. Anglis continued to study and work with patients until the early 19190’s when he enrolled in the Misch International Implant Institute. During his yearlong program, Dr. Anglis studied every faced of implant dentistry, and created a local study program to share these ideas with his fellow Northwest Indiana dentists. In 1999, he submitted one hundred cases in which he had accomplished both the placement of dental implants and the replacement of teeth for the review of the prestigious American Board of Implant Dentistry. After two days of rigorous written and oral examination, Dr. Anglis was awarded the Diplomate status with the Board. The validity and significance of this award has just recently been confirmed by Federal Court in California.

Dr. Len Anglis has remained current in his field by taking thousands of hours of continuing education. He has shared this information with other dentists through over fifty articles he has published and hundreds of presentations he has given to the dental community across the country. His awards and recognitions have been recently recognized by the Indiana University School of Dentistry, in confirming him the honorary alumnus status.

Dr. Anglis started his career in 1979 when he graduated from Loyola University School of Dentistry in Chicago. Despite the urging of his mentors to become a traditional specialist, he could not decide on a particular one. Dr. Anglis felt that he did not want to limit his scope of practice to one small component of the dental treatment equation. “I wanted to be the captain of the treatment team, to be able to lead my patients to the very best decisions regarding their dental care,” he said. After dental school, he completed the University of Chicago’s Zoller Dental Clinic one-year residency program, learning to treat the most challenging of dental problems complicated by the patients’ less than ideal health situations. The patients’ problems seen in that program were so severe that they would have been deemed hopeless in most dental treatment settings.

Very soon after his residency was completed, Dr. Anglis moved back to Northwest Indiana to pursue the dream of rolling back the hands of time for the dental health of his patients. Although he had spent an additional year beyond the typical dental school curriculum, Dr. Anglis wanted more for his patients. Again he returned to the books, looking for the answers for his patients. This time, Dr. Len Anglis attended the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Key Biscayne, Florida. Very quickly, he completed the entire continuum there. Several years later, he would teach at the same highly esteemed and prestigious institution.

The combination of advanced education and the opportunity to share ideas with the very best dentists throughout the world allowed Dr. Anglis to construct a philosophy of treatment planning for his patients that was comprehensive and
long-lasting. Patients who initially thought their situation was hopeless were given the youthful, healthy, full of life, sex appeal smile that they had always deserved! This “Fountain of Youth Dental Method” can literally not only make you look and feel decades younger than you are, but will also allow you to live longer!

In 1995, Dr. Anglis collected his patients’ most difficult dental problems which he had already solved and submitted them to the American Board of General Dentistry. After his accomplishments were recognized, he was allowed to challenge the rigorous two days of written and oral examinations and was conferred with the achievement of obtaining the Diplomate status in the American Board of General Dentistry. Only 500 dentists have ever achieved this same status. A few years later, he was elected to this Board, where he served the maximum number of years possible, and even served as its President. He was later recognized for his contributions to the Board, and was awarded the Buddy Boris Memorial Award.

Have you wondered about the claims made by some dentists providing their version of dental implant treatment? How is it that you could have “teeth in an hour” or all of your teeth attached to only four dental implants? As stated earlier, dental implants are a titanium replacement for our own original roots of our teeth. Let us consider the upper teeth, and the likelihood of four dental implants providing a lifelong replacement of all the upper teeth. Normally, there are sixteen upper teeth. Usually, with dental implant treatment, we will replace twelve of these teeth. The natural teeth can have from sixteen to eighteen roots holding these twelve teeth. You see – some teeth require more root structure to support the crown of the tooth which we see inside our mouths. If as many as eighteen roots are in the healthy mouth, it doesn’t seem right that only four roots could possibly be enough for a long-term solution for a mouth experiencing a lifetime of dental problems. What if there is a problem with one of those four implants? What would be left if one was lost? The truth is that this technique is promoted by a dental implant company to sell one particular implant. There are far more secure ways of achieving the goal of a new mouthful of youthful and natural-looking teeth. Let us help you sort through the hype and hoopla and find out what is truthfully the best for you! After all, what is the lower long-term cost alternative? A selection which may not meet your expectations and will need to be re-done or a selection which requires a little more of an investment but exceeds your expectations and lasts for as long as you need it? Remember to invest in yourself wisely!

Are you anxious and nervous when you go to the dental office? If so, you are certainly not alone. We realize that the majority of people experience some apprehension during their visits, and that some are incapacitated by the thought of dental treatment. Let us solve your problem and let us soothe your mind! We have ways to seamlessly deliver your treatment with the greatest comfort whether it is our kind, gentle manner, our relaxing tropical environment, or a gentle sleep…….

Are you so embarrassed about your teeth that you do not want anyone to know? We never judge anyone based on their oral condition. Every person has a story to tell and we want to hear it so we know best how to help you. Whatever is happening inside your mouth today, we have seen worse and more damaged teeth and supporting structures and we have successfully treated every one of those patients, too. Your secret is ours. If you don’t want to be seen by others in a dental office – let us know. We will see you privately when no one else is around. When you decide to have dental care in our practice, we can make it possible for you to be the only patient we treat that day. We guarantee that no matter how difficult and extensive your treatment needs may be, we will never allow you to go without teeth.

Do you already have a dentist with whom you are comfortable? That is wonderful since we work in conjunction with the finest dentists in Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Do you need a family dentist? We can help with that, too.

Do you have a problem for which there seems to be no solution? Let us help you find the way to health, freedom, success, and joy! As soon as you call us at 1-877-526-4547, the hardest part will be over already. We will do all the hard work, and you will reap the rewards!

For more information, please visit our website at www.dranglis.com. To answer any question, please call toll-free 1-877-526-4547 and speak with our friendly team members who are having a wonderful day today! They will promptly schedule a complimentary consultation and we can begin immediately!

Every day that you delay will not make you an unacceptable candidate, but you will need a more complicated treatment with more associated costs and additional time. Why wait? Start now and before you know it, you will have the smile that you are dreaming about right now – certainly, dreams can come true!

Our office was designed for your comfort and convenience in the LaPorte County area. We are presently near Lake Michigan at the edge of Michigan City and Long Beach, Indiana near the Hacienda Restaurant. We wanted to create an atmosphere of relaxation and privacy. We put the collective heads of the best interior designers and architects to create a place that can only be described as a luxury resort for dentistry. Every aspect of this office was thought through with you in mind. There is a purpose and a story for every feature of this office. Come by and listen to the stories – you will be amazed! Our patients continuously comment that they have never seen an office like it – anywhere! Its tranquility stimulates the creative and technical minds to allow solutions which were not thought to be possible appear as the smile masterpieces are created. It was also designed in a way in which we can accomplish your treatment in the shortest time possible.

What if you do not live in the area? Let us know and we will arrange your transportation from the airport and then we will provide shuttle support from the Blue Chip Casino Hotel located one mile away. If you have some sort of problem or concern that we have not addressed, let us know and we will solve it. The only thing we cannot do for you is to make the initial phone call…Please call today at 1-877-526-4547 and plan on looking younger next year!


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