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In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion!

Our March Promotion

We have all heard predictions about the month of March based

on the weather.  It’s either “in like a lamb” (with mild temperatures)

and “out like a lion” (with severe temperatures) or the reverse will be

true!  These Spring months are certainly unpredictable!  


Dental problems like infection and decay are the opposite — they

are absolutely predictable!  At the start of infection, disease, or

decay it may be mild “like a lamb” and symptoms may be subtle….

but, believe us, all infections, disease, and decay will go out

“like a lion”—roaring all the way with discomfort and pain!


We assure that we have never seen a dental problem go away

on its own –ever!  When they come back, they come back

with a vengeance!  And they cause significant harm to the

rest of your body, too!


Please do not let your dental problems become “lion size”

this March!  We will take care of them for you—smoothly

and easily and comfortably in our tropical dental resorts!  



In this year of 2020, make the decision to be at your best!!!

2020:  Our Clear Vision For Your New Smile!!!

Once you make the choice to look younger, feel better, and live longer, we are

honored to serve you!  When my team and I first meet you, we can already see your

future smile!  I know what your new teeth will look like, and I know how much

healthier your smile will be once we work together to create your Masterpiece


 Nothing else matters except what you need, want, and deserve right now!


This is YOUR year!

We can’t wait to get started! 

In our tropical dental resorts, we believe that you deserve only the best!  The best care

delivered by the most caring and compassionate team who will create an experience that

flows seamlessly as we take your smile from ordinary to exceptional!


When you have made dental decisions in the past, you could only do that based on

the information you were given.  If you received incorrect information, that could have

lead you to a decision you may be regretting right now.  Whether you took no action,

and your problems have gotten worse or whether the implants placed were not what

you expected, and you are interested in moving to the highest quality of treatment,

we are here to help you!


In the realm of implant dentistry, there are many pieces of information that are incorrect

and untrue that circulate among patients.  For instance, there are a number of offices

which advertise “all-on-four” treatment, but do not actually deliver the one, true All-On-Four

treatment created by Nobel Biocare.


Not all implants are created equal.

Not all dentists who place dental implants are created equal, either.


My team and I believe that Nobel Biocare is the best system, and that

it provides the very best All-On-Four treatment!  It is the only system we use to

replace full arches of teeth, and I have been honored to receive the prestigious

Diamond Partner Award for the fifth year in a row!


People like you, who are reviewing this website, and are interested in improving your smile,

increasing your health, and sustaining your longevity have many options.


Please be sure to choose someone you trust!




My team and I realize that there are many choices for dental implant care available to you.


I believe it is essential that you absolutely trust the person you select to create your

Masterpiece Smile.


There are also many choices in dental professionals who may offer this treatment to you. 

While I cannot speak to anyone else’s experience, integrity, ethical choices, skills, expertise,

or success rates, I can share more about what you can expect in choosing me and my team. 

You can be confident in that choice since you will be treated to a new level of customer

service and experience!  We respect and honor you as you become a member of our family

of delighted patients!


Within our tropical dental resorts, I will assure you of these facts:


First, I have successfully placed nearly 10,000 dental implants in every situation for every

type of need which has been customized and individualized each time!


Second, I have provided the Magnificent All-On-Four dental implant arch replacement

system to hundreds of my family of patients!


Third, I have completely immersed myself in the finest continuing education and advanced

training in the world—totaling over 3000 hours of continuing education!


Fourth, I provide all of the services needed under one beautiful, relaxing, tropical roof!

There is no need to travel from office to office for your dental care!


Fifth, my colleagues from fifty dental offices send their patients to me for dental implant

services because they know how well I will take care of them each time!


Sixth, over fifty dentists and their family members have come to me for their dental implant treatment.

Since they can choose anyone at all, they clearly trust me!


Seventh, my team and I offer the best after-care and maintenance treatments for dental implant patients.

We believe that your investment deserves the highest success rate, and we will support you with the latest

information, technology, and equipment!


Eighth, I stand behind my work, and promise you that I will do everything possible to provide you

with the most beautiful and fully functional smile!  You will always see the same doctor and the same

team each time you visit!


These eight columns create trust with our family of patients as they establish the strength of our

dedication and service to you!


These columns of commitment combined with our comfort strategies will provide you with

life-changing and, often times, life-saving results!


You are in charge of what happens, and your comfort will direct the treatment—

I will be certain that you are ready for each step of care!


You may have hesitated in the past, but it’s your time now!  If not now, then when?????


Please call 1-877-526-4547 today, and one of our friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you!

Whether this is our first consultation visit or one of many, we are here for you, and want you to be healthier and

happier and younger as quickly as possible!


The choice is yours:  You can schedule a private consultation visit or attend one of our dental implant seminars

to be part of a group gathering excellent information!


Our next dental implant seminars will take place on

Tuesday, April 7th at 6:00 p.m. in Crown Point

 Wednesday, April 8th at 12:00 Noon in Michigan City

 Our toll-free number is 1-877-526-4547!


Dedicated To Your Beautiful Smile!

Dr. Leonard F. Anglis and Team

P.S. And, if you have made a dental decision that you regret, call us right away so that we can correct it

by serving you with the best treatment available!  We believe that you deserve only the best! 

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